Sororitie: a new, safe initiative for women travelers

Travelling solo as a woman is liberating, empowering and a wonderful way to see the world while getting to know yourself.

The best part is that you decide the rules – where to go, how long you want to stay, what you eat and even what glass of wine you’ll have with dinner.

And because there’s no one else to rely on, your confidence grows which helps you meet wonderful and interesting new people who you might never had talked to unless you were alone.

While daunting, travelling alone as a woman is one of the best things you could possibly do.

But it’s an unfortunate reality that safety is a concern, no matter how experienced you are.

That’s why we created Sororitie. We want to give women the incredible power of travel but with peace of mind and create a community of travellers around the world.

What is Sororitie?

Sororitie is a house sharing platform made by women, for women, so you don’t have to worry about feeling comfortable either staying with someone or renting a room out to guests.

We want to create an international network of sisters who are happy to open their homes or want to stay somewhere where they feel comfortable when they travel, especially if you’re travelling solo or with your children.

We want to help make lifelong memories and friendships to empower more women to travel.

How does Sororitie work to help women travellers?

  1. Decide where you’re going and look for a room on the Sororitie website.
  2. You can either book a single room in a household, or book a Sororitie where there are several rooms to rent at the same home.
  3. If you’re travelling with children, you can search our “children friendly households” to meet other women, girls or moms who share the same passion.
  4. Create a “sister list” to share your reservation with your sisters so you can split the price with them.
  5. Travel the world safely – with Sororitie the sky’s the limit!

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