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What women want when traveling!

By TrvlHer

15 May 2023

woman traveling

Women tend to have different travel styles at various ages and stages of their life. Not to over-generalize but there are a few things that most women seek from their travel experiences:

  1. Safety and Security: Safety and security are always at the top of the list of preferences for women when they are traveling. Women tend to prefer traveling to places that have low crime rates, are safe for solo travelers, and have a well-established tourist infrastructure. This is because women often face more risks when traveling than men, and therefore, they prioritize safety and security over other factors when choosing their travel destinations.
  2. Cultural Experiences: Women tend to be more interested in immersing themselves in the local culture of a place. Self guided tours are a great way to do that. They enjoy exploring local traditions, customs, and lifestyles, and they tend to prefer destinations that offer unique cultural experiences. Women also tend to enjoy trying local foods and drinks, attending cultural events and festivals, and visiting historical and religious sites.
  3. Relaxation and Wellness: Women often travel to escape their daily routine and relax, so they tend to prefer destinations that offer opportunities for relaxation and wellness. This could include spa treatments, yoga retreats, meditation centers, or even simply a peaceful beach or mountain getaway. Women also tend to prioritize destinations that offer a slower pace of life, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.
  4. Adventure and Outdoor Activities: Women also enjoy adventure and outdoor activities when they travel. This could include hiking, trekking, camping, kayaking, or even extreme sports like bungee jumping or skydiving. Women tend to prefer destinations that offer a range of outdoor activities, and they often enjoy pushing themselves out of their comfort zones and trying new things.
  5. Connection and Socializing: Finally, women tend to value connection and socializing when they travel. This could include meeting new people, making friends with locals, or simply spending time with family and friends. Women tend to prefer destinations that offer opportunities for socializing and connecting with others, whether it’s through shared activities or cultural events. They often enjoy building relationships and connections, and they value the sense of community that comes with traveling.

Here are some helpful resources that women can research as they plan their trip:

  1. Wanderful: Wanderful is a community of women travelers that offers a variety of resources and services, including travel guides, local meetups, and networking opportunities. The website also provides information on women-only travel groups and tours.
  2. Her Packing List: Her Packing List is a website dedicated to helping women pack for their travels. The site provides packing lists, gear reviews, and tips for female travelers.
  3. Women on the Road: Women on the Road is a travel blog that focuses on solo female travel. The website provides practical advice and tips for women who want to travel solo, including information on safety, budgeting, and planning.
  4. Pink Pangea: Pink Pangea is a women’s travel community that offers tours, retreats, and workshops for women travelers. The website also provides resources and information on solo travel, culture, and wellness.
  5. Go Girl Guides: Go Girl Guides is a travel guidebook series specifically designed for women travelers. The guides cover a range of topics, including solo travel, budget travel, and adventure travel.
  6. Hostelworld: Hostelworld is a website that helps travelers find and book hostels around the world. The website has a filter for female-only dorms, which can be a good option for women who prefer to stay in female-only accommodations.
  7. Traveling Jackie: Traveling Jackie is a travel blog that focuses on adventure travel and sustainable travel. The website provides practical tips and advice for women who want to explore the world while minimizing their impact on the environment.

These websites can provide valuable information and resources for women who are planning their travels. Whether you’re looking for advice on solo travel, cultural experiences, or outdoor activities, these websites can help you plan the perfect trip that meets your preferences.

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