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Traveling Solo with Fido 

By TrvlHer

4 February 2023

dog traveling

Want to bring doggo on your next adventure? Here are some things to keep in mind! 

  1. Plan your itinerary, but also make a contingency plan: Once you have planned your itinerary, make sure you have a backup plan in case any of your bookings falls through – this will help decrease the stress associated with a last-minute change in bookings and ensure you will have a safe place to stay during your trip. 
  2. Budget accordinglyIt is more expensive to travel with a dog – air/ground travel fees, lodging fees, food, emergency vet care. I usually add an extra 30% to my travel budget whenever I take my pooch along. 
  3. Get your pet’s health checkedWith a clean bill of health, both you and your fur baby can enjoy your trip to the fullest 
  4. Look up vets at your destinations before you leaveKnowing the closest vets, their specialties, and operating hours will ensure your pet received the right care in case of an emergency 
  5. Keep your pet healthyPack a first aid kit. Try to stick to his usual walking and feeding routine. If you are traveling to a foreign country, bring a supply of his usual food that you can mix to local brand to avoid an upset tummy as he transitions to the new brand. Be sure Fido stays hydrated and bring a travel bowl or bottle. If you intend on giving him water from the tap while in a foreign country, then start with a mix of bottled and tap water to ease his transition. 
  6. LodgingNot all accommodations allow pets. Be sure to check the pet policies and fees – even if service animals are allowed, this may not extend to companion animals. If it is not clear on the listing, be sure to contact your host to confirm that pets are allowed. 
  7. Restaurants – Check for outdoor seating and each city should have some dog friendly list for restaurants. Plan ahead so you and your pet can be well fed 
  8. On the road – watch out for: 
    • Public transportation 
    • Taxis, ride-hailing 
    • Local regulations 
    • Bathroom breaks
  9.  Stay Safe on the road: 
    • Be always aware of your surroundings. If Fido is typically leary of strangers, they can help deter unwanted attention by barking or growling. However, they can also serve as an excuse for approaching you based on their wanting to pet your cute pooch. 
    • To avoid attracting the wrong kind of attention, dress casually, forgo the expensive jewellery, and trade your handbag for a fanny pack or money belt. Keep any cash you are carrying in multiple locations. 
    • When traveling by car, keep your doors locked and choose stops that are populated and well-lit. Trust your instincts. If something does not feel quite right, then leave.
  10.  Instructions in case of emergency 
    • Write out your emergency instructions, make several copies, and put each copy in envelopes marked “In Case of Emergency.” Include your pet’s vaccination information, the name and phone number of his veterinarian, and the contact information of the person you would want to take care of him. Keep a copy in your bag, keep one at your accommodation (such as on the desk, counter, table, dresser, etc). If traveling by car, keep a copy in sight (on the dash or coffee holder for instance). 
    • If you use a digital ID tag for your pet, include the instructions in his profile 
    • If you are in a foreign country and English is not commonly spoken, ensure that the instructions are in the local language. 
    • If something should happen to you, the first responders will be able to follow your instructions to ensure your pet is cared for until you recover. 
    • If your pet must be repatriated without you, ensure that your instructions cover this scenario. You will also need to include the relevant form authorizing your contact (as a non-owner and for non-commercial reasons) to relocate your pet. Ensure that you have provided your emergency contact with a copy of the instructions. 
  11.  Share your itinerary and stay in touch 
    • Once your plans are sorted, share them with a friend or family member. Give them your itinerary and the contact number for each of the places where you will be staying. 
    • Check in with them on a regular basis. Be sure to inform them of any changes to your initial itinerary, where you will go next and how you will get there, and when you intend to check in with them again. 

You can never be too careful when traveling with your beloved pet. Preparation, insurance and having some resources at hand will ease the process and you can have a fun buddy along for your journey.


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