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Trvlher Launch: The Women’s Travel & Lifestyle Brand

By TrvlHer

1 November 2022

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Trvlher is a travel and lifestyle brand designed specifically for women. The CEO and founder of Trvlher created the concept after embarking on her own travels in 2017. The other two co-founders of Trvlher have been digital nomads and have extensive travel experiences as solo women travelers. This is the amalgamation of those struggles, joys and long-lasting travel impressions.

When you travel, you are stepping outside your comfort zone, and one of the first steps to any incredible journey is choosing where to stay. There is a lack of dedicated space where women can find peace of mind by booking accomodations thought for and/or operated by other women. We believe that women should be able to live and travel fearlessly and have access to amenities that they specifically need. But too often, the industry fails women travelers. 

Travelling is more than just exploring new places. It also allows you to become more tolerant and open towards new cultures and people. It is a great opportunity to connect with locals and other like-minded people from around the globe. With empowerment, women can be ‘agents of change’ for sustained socio-economic development and safety around the world. 

To achieve real change, we need to turn awareness and intentions into action. So we reinvented the booking process by creating a women-friendly platform to optimize your comfort, enabling you to travel comfortably and safely.  Our platform streamlines the booking process, making it straightforward to find accommodation that ticks all the boxes.

We are just getting started with a lot more ahead – where we want to take this journey is: 

  • Grow the list of amenities that women require when they travel
  • Empower women to offer their homes, real estate investments to other women travelers
  • Create hosts, sisterhoods and community for travel with reviews and recommendations from other women
  • Create resources for safe travels so that it becomes accessible to more women
  • Offer services and experiences by women for women so that we enable each other personally and professionally

The sky’s the limit, women today have the means to travel and we want to solve for the resources and inherent challenges women face traveling to various parts of the globe. Come join us on this journey and watch out for where we can take this, together!

Trvlher is more than a platform; it’s a mission, a movement, and a sense of belonging.

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