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Hollywood is Calling You to Pay a Visit: What to Do in LA

By TrvlHer

1 November 2022

Ladies, can we just admit that travel plans with the girls is something we all live for? I mean, seriously, isn’t it the most fun hanging out with your gal pals, hitting up clubs, bars, and roaming beautiful cities?

Girls’ trips are fun, but let’s be honest here; if your trip doesn’t go as planned, you could be in a bad mood that could last for weeks. Drama!!! And no, we’re not exaggerating or being too upset; we plan these trips for ages, trying to finally get together, and then crazy times can happen.

But it’s time you took the reins; if you’re tired of a monotonous routine and want a crazy trip filled with fun and adventure, you need to take a trip to Hollywood. We know you’re thinking, how will a trip to Hollywood do me any good?

Hollywood is a wild place to be, but there’s so much more to the place than just a rowdy ride through town. When you visit Hollywood, Los Angeles, you’re stunned by its raw beauty and intense culture. So give a shout to your friends or begin packing for a solo  travel plan because you, my friend, are going to LA!

Things to Do in LA

Los Angeles is a city of Angels, but get ready to spread your wings because this girls’ trip is all about trying new things and letting your hair down. There are a couple of things you can do in Los Angeles, but some of these definitely take the cake. Check them out:


This travel plan will be exciting, so get ready for doses of adrenaline jolting through your veins. The first thing you should do is skydiving. If you’re a daredevil or have companions and friends who love to seek thrills, skydiving is your best activity. And what truly makes this activity so exciting is that it’s not for everyone, so you’re in to start something new.

Scream at the Medieval Torture Museum

We all have a dark side, and if you’re willing to give it a try, you have to visit the Medieval Torture Museum. Enter into a paranormal world where horrifyingly historic displays give you chills and shivers.

Take a Sky Tour of LA

Most girls’ trips to LA include walking around Hollywood, but there’s one way you can take it up a notch, quite literally: a sky tour. Book a comfortable carrier that takes you to the gorgeous LA sky; look down to the city, and you’ll find Hollywood much more stunning. From chilling in the skies to passing through clouds to looking at the beautiful neighborhood, a sky tour of Los Angeles is the perfect way to explore it.

Kayak at the Marina Del Rey

For our sisters who want to get out of their houses and for the friends who are itching to spend some time outdoors, the perfect thing to do is to kayak in the Marina Del Rey.

Now, Marina Del Rey isn’t your typical destination; boasting North America’s largest man-made harbor, Marina Del Rey is a historical landmark. But you’ll love its stunning blue shores more than anything else; take a soak in its cool waves and then ride them out on kayaks.

Word on the street is; bathing in the sun that shines brightly on the Marina Del Rey is an experience so luxurious that you’ll truly enjoy it as the Kardashians do.

Race an Electric Go-Kart

It’s about time we participate in exciting and thrilling activities without any hesitation, and if you’re up for a night of playful hooliganism and awesomeness, you must race an electric go-kart. Electric go-karting is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to race and laugh in the face of their competitors.

Go-karting sounds exhilarating, but it’s also a way to let go of your burdens; a simple run through the track, and by the time you’re done with your first lap, you’ll be smiling like crazy.

Tour Warner Bros

We all grew up on movies and video games made by Warner Bros, and if you’re to see what’s behind the screen, you can finally fulfill your dream by taking a tour. Warner Bros offers a tour through its Hollywood Studio, and if you’re selective with your movies, you’ll love that the Studio offers different packages. For classic lovers, a walkthrough of the Golden age of TV is ideal. And if you’re a sucker for contemporary movies and productions, you’ll love Warner Bro Studio’s latest events and special features.

Bike Tour of Hollywood

Not many of us will think about it, but there’s one major thing that we’re looking for when we take a girls’ trip: independence. There’s something quite exciting and even romantic about steering our own trip, and what better way to jump-start your women’s travel plan than taking a bike tour of Hollywood?

Most travelers tour Hollywood by walking or taking a tour bus, but a bike tour is special for quite a few reasons. For one, you’re cruising through the neighborhood quickly, so you won’t have to wait for crowds to disperse. For another, a bike tour allows you to explore Hollywood at your own pace, which means that you can choose to stay less than or up to hours at your favorite destination.

Thirdly, bike tours are a brilliant way to explore with large groups; so if you’re coming to LA on a girls’ trip, a bike tour will get you ahead of plans. And last but not least, bike tours have the added benefit of keeping you fit and healthy, too!

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your girl gang and plan your most-awaited tour to LA, slightly off the beaten path!

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