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Fall Season in the Big Apple: What to See and Do

By TrvlHer

18 October 2022

fall in NYC

What to do in New York City in the fall? For first-time visitors, we have put together a short list of some of the top sights and fun activities that are sure to show you the city from every angle and color.

Late September to late October is the best time to visit New York City, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 21 degrees celsius or 50 to 70 fahrenheit depending on the day. This is also when the air is dry and fresh – perfect for  exploring the city’s streets and of course a fall must-do, Central Park. So, let’s dive and discover the top things to do during the fall season in the Big Apple.

Dawn on the Brooklyn Bridge

The fall foliage can be best enjoyed on the Brooklyn Bridge. Go there at dawn, walk on the sidewalk and take lots of photos. If you want, get up early in the morning and run from Manhattan to Brooklyn across the bridge and back. All in all, do not miss this iconic spot overlooking Manhattan and the East River.

Picnic at Brooklyn Bridge Park

The best view of Manhattan is from Brooklyn and Brooklyn Bridge Park. You can get there by crossing the bridge.

There are many lawns, sports fields, piers, and skyscrapers to look out over. We suggest taking a walk along the Brooklyn Heights pedestrian promenade, one of the loveliest places to take a stroll in New York. With the vistas of lower Manhattan, it is an excellent destination to enjoy the beauty of the city.

Highline Park & Central Park

Some places that should be on your New York fall itinerary are Highline Park and Central Park. Highline Park is a former railway track on a 10-meter-long flyover runs 2.5 kilometers along the Hudson River from 14th Street to 34th Street.

A bit more than ten years ago, it was turned into a pedestrian area and park – an unusual and cool green space solution for tourists and locals. Now, Highline Park is always bustling with energy. Bring a cup of hot coffee and experience its great atmosphere yourself!

Central Park needs no description and is a delight to watch the falling leaves.

Coney Island and Brighton Beach

A favorite place for many travelers in New York City is Coney Island and Brighton Beach. This is a place that was pretty badly damaged during hurricane Sandy but has been restored to its former glory. If the fall weather seems too cold, instead of buying the famous ice cream, get the yummy mangoes on a stick!

The Coney Island Amusement Park and Aquarium will appeal to children and adults alike. Take a tour through the shops and cafes of Brighton Beach’s Russian Commune. They are sure to entertain anyone who lived in the Soviet Union or is a fan of Orange is the New Black!


The Metropolitan Museum of Art is a must-see whenever you are in New York City. Although admission is by donation, there is a suggested amount of 25 dollars. The museum also has an excellent gift shop where you can buy fabulous calendars and other trinkets.

Whether you are an art enthusiast or not, you should visit MoMA at least once. Keep in mind there can be queues and crowds, especially in front of the most famous works like Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Here you can also see masterpieces by Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko, and many other famous artists.

Not too fond of museums? After the Twin Towers, the Empire State Building was New York’s tallest building for a long time. Now it is only the third tallest building after One World Trade Center and 432 Park Avenue, which opened in 2014 and 2015. Nevertheless, the Empire State Building is definitely worth a trip on a crisp day.

The iconic building is particularly beautiful at sunset, but those who want to take photos of the view will have to leave their tripods with the security guard, as they are not allowed upstairs.

If you plan to visit several museums and attractions, consider buying a New York City pass, which also allows you to bypass queues at some places. Self guided tours are another option.

Concerts and plays

New York City is home to world-class artists. So before you arrive, we recommend you find out what concerts are on in the city. Tickets will often have to be bought from brokers and can cost up to $200 or more, so if you know in advance when you are coming, it is best to get them on presale.

Broadway shows are another excellent entertainment option. If you are a student, you can always buy a ticket with your ID, as discounts are available. On the day of the performance, you can get 50% off same-day tickets at the theatre box office.

If you are thinking about solo woman travel, attending these types of events is a great way to meet like-minded people and have a wonderful time together.

TV series and film tours

Many TV shows and films are set in New York City, so it’s no surprise many companies offer special tours of filming locations. For women travelers, the Sex and the City tour is most popular, but there are other options as well, like the Friends tour.

If you decide to experience it, you will get on a big bus full of fans of the TV series and drive past the most famous locations.

There will also be opportunities to get out and take photos of some of the places. Visit Monica’s house or sit in Central Park – an exciting day is guaranteed. Of course, you can always create your own tour by reading about the most famous sites on the internet and exploring them independently.

Places to dine

From glorified weekend brunches to expensive Michelin restaurants, New York has it all. If you are a foodie at heart, you won’t be disappointed. In this city, you can taste everything – African Asian cuisine, typical burgers and steaks, the famous New York cheesecake, and so much more.

On Broadway, at places like the Stardust Diner, waiters sing to earn tips and tell fascinating stories of those who have made it.

The Upper East Side brunches are also renowned, but you should definitely book early. Be sure to grab a hot dog on the street as well!

New York City is beautiful in all seasons. The biggest crowds are in summer, so it is best to visit in the fall. The sounds, the smells, the invigorating walks through fallen leaves…There is something for everyone in this city, and there is never a dull moment.

Comfortable shoes, a small, lightweight camera, a comfy jacket and you are ready to enjoy fall in the Big Apple! Book that NYC trip today!


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