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A Look At Miami, Away From The Beaches And The Clubs

By TrvlHer

13 October 2022


It’s time you took a girls’ trip. The weather is just getting cozy, there aren’t any travel restrictions and best of all, it’s the perfect time of the year to take a vacation. For all my travelers who have been waiting to take a girlfriends’ trip, I’ve got the perfect place for you: Miami.

But my fellow travelers, we aren’t just exploring Miami like you’d expect; no, we’re going above and beyond to make sure that time in this well loved city goes exactly to plan. Now Miami is a big place; one of the most iconic cities in Florida. Miami is filled with opportunities for tourists. For most women’s travel plans, you’ll see just a few typical and over-touristy places like the beaches or clubs, but we’re here to break that chain and experience Miami like never before.

Whether you’re up for a solo women’s travel plan or a crazy girls’ trip, here is a Miami travel plan that will blow your mind:

Ancient Spanish Monastery

Perfect for solo women travelers and girls groups, a visit to the Ancient Spanish Monastery is one way to get the party started. For many travelers, visiting the Ancient Spanish Monastery is a breath of fresh air; away from its gorgeous but overcrowded shores, Miami’s Ancient Spanish Monastery will give you a unique view of the world. Cloisters who hailed all the way from Medieval Spain stand bold in front of you, and for anyone who’s obsessed with history, there’s no better place.

The Ancient Spain Monastery sounds too plain, but once you walk in front of the cloisters and marvel at their humongous size, you’ll be too mesmerized to speak!

World Erotic Art Museum

Let’s face it; women are barely able to express their interests without being criticized but you know one place where your cheekiness won’t face any judgment? The World Erotic Art Museum. Bask in the glory of cheeky and naughty art and let your inner curious shine through; from erotic art pieces to funny statues, there’s everything here.

Take suggestive selfies, mock each other and then shock your loved ones when you come back from the girls trip by telling them all about the World Erotic Art Museum, the only place where being naughty is openly welcome!

Monkey Jungle

For a solo woman traveler like you or for that one nature freak in your girls group, one place where you’re bound to reconnect with mother nature is the Monkey Jungle. Nope, this isn’t a zoo like you think; well, it sort of is but in a unique way.

You see, for centuries humans visit the zoo to see animals locked up, but the Monkey Jungle is one place in Miami where you are caged and the monkeys are rolling freely.

This is the perfect activity for anyone who want to give animals the space they deserve; since guests are the ones to be gated, they get to explore this chattering wildlife without destroying nature.

Step inside a caged van and drive through the jungle and spot some curious fellas.

Vizcaya Museum and Garden

Miami is chill and exciting but sometimes a women’s travel plan just needs something peaceful. Vizcaya Museum & Garden is exactly that; gorgeous gardens fashioned after the Italian Renaissance accompany a beautiful Mediterranean-Revival architecture, making the Vizcaya Museum a place straight out of heaven. For literature aficionados and architecture buffs, the Vizcaya Museum & Garden is a great addition to your girls trip!

Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science

For all my fellow women who love the planet and are all in favor of spreading the love, visit this Museum of Science and tell me if this doesn’t touch your heart. From afar, this Museum looks like a simple aquarium and planetarium, but it’s much more than that; from unique displays to awe-inspiring tech exhibits, this Museum is a work of perfection.

Escape Rooms

Miami is a thrilling place, and you’ll find a lot of solo women travelers exploring its humble shores. But nothing beats the chills and thrills of being locked in a room with a puzzle to solve. For all those travelers who have always wanted to try an escape room, Miami has more than a few for you; you’ll find unique and exhilarating escape rooms all around Miami and it’s about time you tried it.

Plus, for all of you who are coming with your colleagues, there’s no better way to squash out bitterness and increase harmony than bicker over the ‘right’ door only to realize you were all wrong.

All jokes aside, escape rooms are a great way to get together and unlock the Sherlock Holmes in you.

Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant

This is no longer the time for us to back away from food; if you’re a sucker for good cuisine and are always down to try something new, you’ve got to head to Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant with the girls. Not many expect a girls trip to have a king crab eating contest, but here we are; visit this iconic eatery with your gals and order a massive crab for each of you.

This is a little pricey, but it’s totally worth stuffing your face with crab and publicly screaming in happiness because you beat your girls to it.

Seriously, if you’re crazy about seafood, you must try Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant; once you go there, you won’t stop singing its praises for a while!

Paradis Books & Bread

If you’re a bookworm and have always dreamt of sitting in a cozy cafe, reading your favorite novel and sipping on coffee or wine, you need to visit Paradis Books & Bread. Paradis Books & Bread is a cozy and unique cafe where guests can line up for a delicious hot meal and a sizzling book. Its beautiful interior and soothing environment makes it the perfect activity to top off your women’s travel. With a book in hand and a wine glass in another, Paradis Books & Bread is fulfilling every girls dream!

There you have it, a trip to Miami that is nothing like one expects.


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