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What to watch out for traveling as a woman to various destinations

By TrvlHer

5 October 2022

traveling as a woman

Nervous about your all-girls trip? Well, don’t be. In this man’s world, we have women leading in almost every field of life. Be it traveling, business, farming, household, and whatnot. Major travel agencies have showcased their stats, with solo & women’s travels leading their registrations. Hotels and rest areas have all agreed to the fact that in recent years women traveling alone are the significant proportion of travelers they’ve had.

With all these facts, questions arise, such as how do they manage the arrangements? Or is it safe for them to travel alone? How about a piece of professional advice?

After detailed research and an extensive review of female travel bloggers, we’ve short-listed the best tips you can get from a professional female traveler. Let’s begin!

Keep a journal 

Women are proven to be more emotional, yet they do have a great memory. Still, it’s a little tough to keep track of everything that happened. To make your experiences last longer, keep a journal. All the famous travelers recommended keeping a journal and recording each day. It may initially seem like an emotional and memory act, but it can be proven quite useful sometimes. For instance, keeping a journal will force you to record the names and distinctive features of everyone you meet. Who knows what time unfolds for you!

Do your research 

Before leaving for any place, you should make sure that you have googled it twice at least. This will let you know about the most to least recommended places to visit. Moreover, you would know the basics about their culture and language, which might save you from any inconvenience that unfamiliarity may cause. Other than this, research will make it easier for you to choose the ideal and safe area to stay at. You can check their rating and reviews and know which place is safest for you.

Don’t be scared but stay prepared 

Yeah, we feel it; the rhyming sits perfectly. Don’t be scared of any new adventure that’s coming your way. Have all the fun and enjoy being a total stranger to everyone. We all fantasize about starting a new life some days, right? But here’s the thing, you need to be prepared for every situation. Getting scared of thoughts of any inconvenience is baseless. What you should rather do is, prepare! Make sure that the travel agency you’ve booked your trip with has an emergency contact. Look for medical insurance to make sure they can handle the expenses and arrangements internationally as well. A pro tip that might save you in an emergency is keeping your travel agency’s number on speed dial. This will make contact easier.

Be a smart extrovert 

Going to a new place and acting like you’re not having fun is a total loss. Hence, make contact with everyone around you. Talk to the people you meet every day. Don’t be scared of asking someone about the maps when you’re lost or while approaching someone at the party. Catch all the good vibes and have chats. But keep your brain and social security alarms active. What we are referring to is, making sure you don’t overshare. Any personal detail about your residency or your homeland and essentials might get you in trouble. Therefore, try focusing on the other person’s experiences and hide your information. Basics like don’t accept free drinks or leave your drink unattended apply more than ever.

Stay in hostels

Hostels are a perfect place for solo travelers. The coolest part is that they allow you to meet other solo travelers like you. Along with many other benefits, they are cheaper; in most of the countries, they give you 3 meals a day within the boarding charges. Another plus is they are super safe as they can be separate for each gender. You might even get information about the place from other girls staying in there. The most amazing part is some of these hostels allow you to have a free stay in exchange for your volunteer work. So if you are low on a budget or you don’t feel very comfortable in hotels, this one seems like a fine choice.

Go for a personal mission 

By a personal mission, we mean set milestones for you. Assign yourself new tasks every other day. For instance, challenge yourself for a hike, or go zip lining on the hills. How about making a schedule and working accordingly. This will keep you busy and will not allow you to waste any day of your traveling. Moreover, you’ll get to explore new places and have new adventures all by yourself. Another benefit of it, all your fears, if any, will disappear.

Buy something 

Shopping is something many folks enjoy. But here, we are talking about buying something that’s not very precious to you. If you buy something from a local store, such as a drug, or some fruit, the shopping bag will make you look like a local. This keeps you safe from all the robbers that are looking for foreigners to get valuable products. This will also help you in understanding the market and add a new experience of you interacting with local goods and people.

Wear a wedding ring 

This might seem like a funny one. But trust us, it’s proven to be the smartest way to keep the weird people away from you. It’s safer to appear as if you’re attached to someone since it will cause them to maintain their distance (especially the boys). Make sure you appear taken before making sure if someone is safe to be around or not.

Don’t lose confidence 

Traveling alone might be a new experience, but the most important advice and survival tip is to stay confident. Your confidence makes you stronger than any other skill. Therefore, whatever situation occurs, know that you are prepared for it, and that you can handle it without having any doubts.

Plan your tickets and adventures in advance, booking through known sources is also a safe way to travel.

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