Last Minute Trip Booking Ideas that are Good for Your Wallet

By TrvlHer

21 September 2022

last minute trip

For solo traveling women, booking travel at the last minute can be expensive. But with a few simple tips, you’ll be able to pack your bags and have an epic time anywhere you go. Check out these last minute travel booking ideas that will be kinder to your wallet!

Time It Right

In travel, timing is everything. Women that need a fun vacay away should make sure to look at the end of summer. During the thick of summer season, travel rates are at their highest across the board since school is out. But if you look around the end of August or early September, you’ll find lower prices because demand is down. Side bonus: there will be fewer crowds to contend with.

Browse Those Booking Sites

While travel booking sites can be helpful in compiling all the rates in the location you want to visit all in one handy place, they can drastically differ from one another. Check them all and compare the rates, but don’t forget to compare them directly with the airlines, hotels, or rental car companies. You just might find that if you contact them at the source with these lower booking rates that they will go even lower. It never hurts to ask!

Clear Your Cookies

No, not those chocolate chip ones you’re nibbling on while you plan your last minute travels! Some booking sites use browser cookies that increase the prices every time you check back. To avoid this, put your incognito mode on or clear your cache so you don’t get higher prices every time you search.

Be Flexible About Dates

If you can be flexible about dates, you’ll have a better chance at saving money on last minute bookings. Sometimes, the resort you want to stay in will be much higher when a convention is in town or during peak points in the season. Adjust the dates and see if there is a significant change in price before booking to get the best rates. Also consider insuring your trip.

Consider the Outskirts

In big cities, the rates are usually much higher for hotels. But if you look in more suburban areas nearby, you can find nice places to stay for a fraction of the price. As long as the area is safe, women can use this tip for last minute booking ideas to have access to a pricey city without the big-city prices.

Fly by Night

Try booking your flight or even a train for an overnight departure. You will avoid having to pay for another night of accommodations. Plus, you’ll get to sleep on the way so when you arrive, you’ll be rested and ready for adventure!

Take a Look at Those Bundles

Vacation packages aren’t always the best deals, but if you’re traveling with other women, you may all get lucky with hotel and flight packages on last minute travel. When not enough of these packages are sold, they will slash the prices. This can also happen for those vacation rentals which means you could share a sprawling house with a private pool with your friends for much less than you expect, even days before your trip.

With the money you save booking, you will have more to spend at your destination. That’s why it pays to be savvy on your journey for more fun ahead!

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