How to Be Kind to the Environment When You Travel

By TrvlHer

7 September 2022

eco friendly travel

The further away we travel, the larger the stomps of our carbon footprints become. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t go booking vacations far and away, but rather, we should seek out other ways to mitigate those damages to the world. This way, women travelers generations from now can still see the beauty of our world.

Wondering how you can exude kindness to the environment when the act of travel itself can cause damage? These tips will help you lessen that impact while broadening your travel horizons.

Be a Light Packer

There’s a big reason airlines restrict baggage weight – safety. But there’s also another reason that goes along with it when booking your flight…the more that plane weighs, the more carbon it emits. Pack lightly and coordinate your outfits using pieces you can mix and match. As a side bonus, it will be easier to lug it along through any airport.

Get On Board with Public Transit

Public transportation lessens the load on the environment over private cars or taxis. Plus, you’ll get a more authentically local experience. For the sake of your safety as women travelers though, make sure you’re watching your surroundings or going with a friend.

Use a Reusable Bottle for Water

Plastic bottles are one of the worst offenders for land and sea pollution. Instead of disposing more waste into the world, bring a refillable water bottle along for your travels.

Tote Your Totes Along for Your Journey

On your travels, you’ll likely find amazing markets full of fun trinkets to bring home. When shopping afar, pack some of those reusable tote bags so you can say no to plastic bags everywhere you go.

Don’t Print Your Tickets

These days, most places happily accept tickets on your smartphone so there’s usually no need to print them out. Electronic tickets are better for the environment and reduce the amount of wasted paper in the world. Only print them out when they are mandatory.

Rent a Eco-Friendly Transportation

If you want to take a city tour while you travel but don’t want to walk, skip those big bus tours and rent a bicycle. It’s great for saving energy, won’t add to the pollution problem, and you’ll get exercise so your legs will look amazing. Plus, you can feel free to splurge on more delicacies while you’re on vacation. For further journeys though, see about renting a hybrid vehicle if you need your own personal mode of transport.

Go with Local Fare

And finally, when you’re visiting somewhere new, make sure you try the local cuisine. It’s not just for getting to know the culture of the area. It benefits the environment because the food you’re getting hasn’t traveled far to get there. Sample the local fruits, veggies, beer, wine, seafood, and whatever else you find. As a bonus, it will be fresher too.

Even if you simply add one of these tips when you travel, you will lessen the burden to the environment and make your travels more kind!

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