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Planning a relaxing getaway with your girlfriends: Tips to keep in mind

By TrvlHer

31 August 2022


Exploring the world together with your best friends is a one-of-a-kind experience. You are guaranteed to make fabulous memories, enjoy fun-filled days and have plenty of laughter. But if you have never planned a girlfriend getaway before, you might not know where to start. With our help, discover tips for organizing a smooth travel adventure together with your besties.

Figuring out a budget can be tricky

Coming up with a budget that everyone is pleased with is important for any travel adventure. Usually, it is also the most challenging part of the process. Navigating through these stormy waters can be tricky, but try to be as thoughtful and mindful as you can.

Remember that girlfriend trips are all about spending time together. Suggesting heading to Bora Bora may come across as insensitive if another member of the group doesn’t have the budget for it. To avoid anyone feeling uncomfortable, it is a good idea to write the number anonymously. Then, try to stick with the lowest budget at the table.

The process should be collaborative

There is nothing worse than feeling like decisions are made without hearing your opinion. Doing the lion’s share of organizing and not feeling appreciated can be tiring too. That is why it is crucial to make the planning process as collaborative as possible.

Whether it is choosing the travel dates, finding the perfect accommodation, or figuring out the best activities, all girls should have a say in what is happening. The easiest way to ensure it is, is to create a Google Doc. Assign specific roles and tasks to each person so everyone knows what their responsibility is.

Know what you wish to get out of this trip

Once you have taken care of the practicalities, you can focus on more fun conversations. The next step is to figure out the destination for your travel adventure, find a hotel and make all the bookings. But – before then – you should all talk about the goals of your trip.

Do you simply wish to have a good time? Or are you looking to have a jam-packed itinerary with plenty of sightseeing and exploring? If you want to lay by the pool and sip delicious cocktails, booking a trip to a cold destination may not be the best idea. It never hurts to insure a trip so that you have peace of mind.

Consider each other’s sleeping habits

When traveling together with family members, you typically know what to expect. With friends, it is trickier since you are probably not aware of each other’s sleeping habits. Are you adventuring with a friend that needs at least ten hours of sleep, otherwise, they are guaranteed to be cranky? Or are you planning a trip with someone who wakes up at 6 AM and is ready to kick start her day?

Before heading on a girlfriend getaway, you should have a conversation about your schedules. After all – you don’t want anyone to feel left out just because they enjoy a good snooze in the morning.

Discuss sharing

The great thing about traveling with friends is that packing can be a much easier process. If they are willing to share, you can swap toiletries, clothes, and even snacks. The key is to have a conversation about whether that is something they (and even you) would be open to. There is no right or wrong way to approach this – whatever makes all of you comfortable is the way to go.

Flexibility is key

Unlike when you travel solo, getting around in a group is much slower. To have a stress-free experience, it is best to schedule only one or two activities per day. Make sure to create an itinerary that doesn’t require you to be in too much rush. There should be plenty of time set aside for unexpected occurrences. Girlfriend getaways aren’t the time for a hectic pace. It is an opportunity to take it easy and not worry about anything.

Go with the flow

Remember not to take the girlfriend getaway too seriously. In any travel adventure, something is bound to go wrong (or not the way you have expected). Don’t let that spoil your fun. At some point, you may get in a spat with one of your friends, but it shouldn’t affect the overall tone of your entire vacation. While it is a girlfriend getaway, know there is nothing wrong with spending some time apart. If you need space, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

Did you know that spending time with your friends can help release oxytocin, known as the hormone of love? That means girlfriend getaways can literally make you happier! As long as you prepare in advance, exploring the world with your besties is bound to be an adventure you will remember. Check Trvlher to find more tips for women travelers.

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