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Summer travel tips for women on destinations, packing, hair, and makeup

By TrvlHer

28 August 2022

summer travel

Traveling in the summers can make you sweat. In different countries, summers hit differently. Each location has a variable number of UV radiations with a very vast range of weather conditions. Every one of these changes can make your body act differently. Scorching sun can cause burns, whereas no winds can make you extremely sweaty. Rains can cause your hair to go completely mushy and may cause your skin to stay oily. These are the things you may face when traveling to any place during the summer season. But, all these problems can be avoided if you pack smart and manage your essentials vigilantly. Here are a few tips to ensure you enjoy a comfortable travel experience even in the hottest weather:

Sunscreen is must 

Hearing summers, you should automatically get ready to apply Sunscreen every day, if possible, every two hours during the day. When in the sun, the most dangerous and damaging thing is UV radiation. These radiations can burn your skin and cause aging. This is not the worse it can do. The intensity of UV radiation is strikingly high in some regions of the world. You shouldn’t apply sunscreen to your face only, but try carrying one that can be applied to your whole body.

Go for minimum makeup

The heat from the environment in summers can open your pores. We just don’t want our pores to be clogged by makeup and get more oil deposits on our face from the makeup. Other than this, makeup acts as a dirt magnet. When you’re traveling, the dust and pollutants in the air can stick to your makeup. Therefore, try applying a thin layer of makeup with the least amount of products. Don’t burden your skin with layers of makeup.

Hair ties and pins 

While traveling in summer, everyone likes to try cute hairstyles. To avoid any inconvenience finding your hair ties and bobby pins, you should carry yours with you. Wherever you go during your trip, you should have this essential with you. Whenever the heat gets out of your hands, you can tie your hair high and let a little air through your scalp.

A nice summer fragrance

While leaving your home, make sure you’ve bagged your fragrance. But we recommend not carrying any fragile bottles. It’s best to check out a fragrance store and get your hands on the samples of your favorite fragrances. This will allow you to carry them easily and won’t even cost a lot if they break down while traveling. Sweat and heat can make you smell funky. What you should do is, keep a small perfume bottle in your bag and apply it when needed.

Know what is a necessity! 

To make sure that you don’t carry bulky makeup and hair products, try to practice restrain and evaluate what things are necessary for daily use. Once you filter that, you can easily pack the minimum amount of stuff required for your trip. Carrying too much weight can be highly dangerous as you might get forced to get rid of the excessive luggage.

Follow the 3 ounce rule 

While packing your stuff, make sure you’re not packing any product more than 3 ounces. This will reduce the weight of your luggage and will occupy less space. Are you afraid of it being too less? Don’t be; once you’ll open yourself to the idea, you will know that this amount of makeup or toiletries can last a decent amount of time. Other than saving space and weight, there is always the possibility of customs throwing your stuff away for any legal purposes. Therefore, wasting a small amount of product won’t hurt, but imagine throwing away a whole bottle of Chanel or Armani product!

Carry your own toiletries

This is one of the most important travel tip women should follow. While traveling, never trust the hotel or travel agencies’ products. More importantly, never rely on any hospitality department for your toiletries. You can carry minimal-size soap with a small towel. Don’t forget to pack wipes and hair removal products for personal hygiene. If it is possible, carry all these essentials in your handbag so that you can reach them easily when needed. The products at the hotels can be the ones getting used by the staff when they pay a visit to your room as well as the last person who rented the same room (unless you book a nice accommodation where they provide you with brand new items).

Try having 2 in 1 products 

The hygiene department has progressed so much now that you can get the function of two products into one. So, why carry two when you can carry one. Try to save as much space as possible. Get the products that can replace two at the same time. For instance, going for a hair wash that works as a shampoo as well as a conditioner. Other such products are tinted sunscreens – you’ll not need to put on foundation if you have applied it. So, no need to carry bulky skincare and makeup products. This will save space in your luggage where you can store other essentials.

Hand carry your personal care stuff 

This is a good tip, especially if you’re in a situation where you have to meet someone suddenly. You should be ready and shouldn’t look disheveled. In summers, you need to freshen up your face after a while if you sweat a lot. Therefore, whenever you feel like you have started looking off, you should check in a restroom and get all set with your products by your side. Keep necessary items in the bag with you so you can use them anytime, such as a hair brush, makeup setting spray, lipstick, and perfume. You could find luggage storage options if needed.




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