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How to travel the world on a shoestring budget

By Trvlher

22 February 2019

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Traveling broadens our minds but it has a tendency of narrowing our wallets as well.

This doesn’t have to be the case though. Gone are the days when limited funds would dampen your dreams and curiosity of exploring new places and indulging in different cultures.

If your bank account is overflowing, being a budget conscious traveler will only help you travel more, to even better destinations. Check out some frugal travel tips for an astounding international experience even when your account is frowning at you.

Travel offseason  

This might sound pretty obvious but traveling during off-peak season is one of the easiest and smart ways to cut costs. Maybe the weather will be a little bit harsh- a little bit cooler, or some days of rainfall but common! Does that even matter? After all, you’ll have the beaches all to yourself.

Be open to new destinations 

Countries with a lower cost of living generally would save you a lot of bucks. Most people get weary of traveling internationally because the air ticket might seem expensive. But come to think of it, your plate of dinner back home can pay for a pretty decent hotel somewhere in Africa or Asia.

The recent growing appeal of countries in South America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America is in part due to the fact that they’re more affordable and the cost of living is relatively lower compared to other parts of the world.

Do some research (and some math) on exchange rates and take advantage of that. Trust me, once you handle the air ticket, the rest will be a blissful experience.

Be flexible with flight booking dates

This might mean that you won’t have a fixed traveling date since you have to wait for a chance to arise for a last minute deal. Alternatively, you can decide to book your flight months earlier which also offer some luring discounts instead of booking a week before your traveling day.

And of course, the cheapest day of the week to travel is definitely not the weekend! As long as you are open to taking a red-eye flight on a weeknight you can expect to strike a golden chance of traveling cheap! At the end of the day, the flying experience remains the same.

Be open to modern accommodation options 

Thank goodness the 21st century is here and home sharing is an option.  It provides a cheaper alternative for a hotel and a cozier option than a hostel. Sororitie should be your first choice especially as a female travel as it’s dedicated to building safety and trust for women looking to travel abroad.

All-inclusive hotel deals might seem like a great idea but you end up paying for the convenience of not planning anything on your own and it doesn’t offer much flexibility either.

Travel with friends

Lastly yet importantly, never underestimate the power of tagging your friends along in a budget conscious trip. The cost-sharing really saves a lot of money. Don’t be shy to share a hotel room with a couple of friends- after all, you’ll be out and about sightseeing so you’ll be in the room only at night. More to it, a bottle of wine is best shared by two or more.

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